I'm Mel Pinick

A mother on a mission to improve life for working families. Supporting schools and early childhood care, expanding Medicaid, protecting the dignity and rights of all Kansans.


Kansan by choice, a mother who is employed full-time, and advocates for others in need of support. It is clear to me that our lawmakers don’t understand the challenges most families are currently facing.

I’m determined to change that by working with the people of House District 121, to be their voice in the Statehouse.

Key Issues

Public funds are being funneled to private, unaccredited institutions, leaving children unsupported and without the quality education they deserve. I will fight to fully fund public schools, including special education programs, and to return the curriculum and school activity decisions to the local professionals who know what our kids here in Kansas need in order to learn and grow. I will establish new programs to attract and retain the next generation of educators so the next generation in Kansas has a future that remains bright.

Kansas’ hard-working citizens are in need of relief when it comes to both their physical and financial health, and for too long the legislature has failed to act and provide support. Some of the ways I will support working families while promoting equity, opportunity, and economic security for everyone include expanding KanCare and providing property tax relief.

All Kansans deserve to be treated with dignity and have the right to their personal freedoms. It is essential to shift our focus towards promoting bills that safeguard reproductive rights, protect the LGBTQ+ community, and ensure racial justice by working to dismantle systemic discrimination so that we can build a society that truly values and respects every individual.

  • Common-sense gun policies so that all Kansans and children are safe in their communities
  • Legalization of medical marijuana to reduce unnecessary physical suffering of citizens in need
  • Creating a non-partisan redistricting body to ensure fair elections where all Kansans’ voices are heard
  • Fighting against climate change to protect future generations from the devastating effects of inaction

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